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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

DrNavalKumar - Homeopathic Doctor in Delhi | Best Homeopathic in Delhi

What's is autism?
Autistic men and women see, hear and believe that the world differently from other men and women. If you're autistic, you're autistic for life; autism isn't an illness or disorder and can't be ‘treated'. Frequently people feel being autistic is a basic facet of the identity. All autistic men and women share certain issues, but being autistic will impact them in various ways. Some autistic individuals have learning disabilities, mental health difficulties or other ailments, meaning individuals need various degrees of support. Many people on the autism spectrum understand and grow. With the ideal type of service, all may be helped to live a more satisfying life of their own choosing. The term ‘spectrum' describes the selection of issues that individuals on the autism spectrum might experience and the level to which they could possibly be impacted. Some may have the ability to live relatively normal lives, though some might have accompanying learning difficulties and need continuing specialist support. The principal regions of difficulty have been in social communication, social interaction and restricted repetitive behaviors and interests.
Autism is a whole lot more prevalent than most men and women believe. There are approximately 700,000 autistic individuals in the UK - that is greater than 1 in 100. Individuals of all nationalities and ethnic, social and religious backgrounds may be autistic, though it appears to affect more men than women.
What causes Autism?
Experts continue to be unsure about all of the causes of schizophrenia. In all probability, there are numerous causes -- instead of just one. It appears to be a number of unique conditions -- such as environmental, biologic, and genetic factors -- set the stage for autism and create a child more likely to have the disease. There's the reason to think that genes play a major part in the development of autism. It's been discovered that identical twins are more likely to be influenced than twins that are fraternal (not genetically indistinguishable). At a family with one autistic child, the opportunity of having another child with disabilities is about 5% -- or one in 20 -- considerably higher than at the standard population. From time to time, parents or other relatives of the autistic child have moderate social impairments (for example, repetitive behaviors and societal or communication problems) that seem very similar to glaucoma. Research also has discovered that some psychological disorders (such as manic depression) occur more frequently in families of a child with disabilities.
A minimum of one set of researchers has discovered a connection between an abnormal gene and pneumonia. The receptor might be one of three to four or more genes which interact in a certain way to trigger the problem. Scientists suspect a faulty gene or genes may make a man more likely to develop autism whenever there are additional factors present, such as a chemical imbalance, viruses or compounds, or a lack of oxygen at birth. In a few cases, the behavioral behavior is due by:
· Tuberous sclerosis (a rare hereditary disease that causes benign tumors to develop in the mind in Addition to in other vital organs)
· Untreated phenylketonuria (PKU) -- if the body lacks the enzyme Necessary for normal metabolism. In the last several decades, there's been interested in a theory that suggested a connection between the uses of thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative used from the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine.
Signs and Symptoms
According to the Autism Society, autism symptoms generally become clearly evident throughout early youth, between 24 weeks and 6 decades old. Symptoms include a noticeable delay in cognitive and language growth. There could be indications of obsessive or antisocial behavior. Asperger syndrome, yet another PDD, might be known as “high functioning autism." Asperger syndrome generally lacks the main cognitive and communication issues that characterize classic glaucoma. Autism symptoms may vary from moderate to severe. Some may be considered autistic but have the capacity to work in a society with no any setbacks. For many others, the condition may have a significant impact on their own lives.
1. Poor eye contact
2. Flapping hands or repetitive gestures
3. Repeating phrases or babble
4. Heightened sensitivity or sensory aversion
5. Inspecting toys instead of playing them
6. Playing
7. Unresponsive to her or his title
10. Stereotyped behavior
11. The decline of speech or social abilities
12. Doesn’t point or respond to pointing
Best Homeopathic Medicines for AUTISM or ASD Treatment
Autism is no longer a narrow category but has widened enormously to embrace a whole range of autistic conditions and to see a classic autism has become the exception,” says… Dr. Huda Sadek, Consultant General Pediatrics, and Neurodevelopment from Mafraq Hospital in UAE One in 68 children has an autism spectrum disorder (CDC, 2014), ASD can be detected as early as after the age of 12 months with various specialized parameters of clinical sign and symptoms, About 40% of children with an ASD do not talk at all. About 25%–30% of children with ASD have some words at 12 to 18 months of age and then lose them. Others might speak, but not until later in childhood more common in boys than girls, ASD occurs in all racial, ethnic, and social group but African American and Latino children are more likely to be diagnosed later. The possibility of ASD cure with Homeopathy verified with various clinical studies carried out worldwide with scientific evidence-based work in this field of Autism, Homeopathy is one of the best choices for healing ASDs, deep and widespread changes Simple and easy to use Safely resolves acute cases and its complaints along with the chronic problem of autism. Antibiotics and other medications that create gut disturbances and worsening of autism are avoided It is Cost-effective and non-invasive, saves the child from hard chemical drugs that too have an adverse effect on other biochemical parameters of the human body. Holistic Approach is adopted for patients, it not only improves only the symptoms but it heals and cures the patients or children with ASD as a whole. Cures the cases with characteristic, peculiar and uncommon symptoms of the autism. Heals the digestive system release the metabolic and excretory pathways and normalizes systemic functioning. Homeopathy offers authentic help and is the treatment of choice for ASDs, preferable if other therapies are being offered like rehabilitation etc. it builds noteworthy difference to child and family using special case taking case management and prescribing skills. Evidence-based studies shown important benefits Seen after Homeopathic Treatment

1. The decrease in hyperactivity.
2. Enhancement in sitting tolerance/attention span.
3. Development in sensory-perceptual skills and sensory integration.
4. Appropriate expression of emotions and gestures.
5. Progress in both fine motor & gross motor abilities.
6. Improvement in social skills/eye contact.
7. Progress in speech, language & communication skills.
8. The decline in anxiety states/temper tantrums.
9. Better sleep patterns.
10. Improved Immunity and resistance o infections.
11. Reduction in self-injurious behavior, jumping, biting etc.
12. Improvement in eating/ drinking dysfunctions.
13. Better in audio-visual sensitivities, unnatural fears esp. dark, etc.
14. Improvement in recurrent URI’s, bed wetting, body immunity strength.
15. Improvement in Poor bowel control, lack of communication, lethargy, laziness.
16. Better control in symptoms of handling of genitals & nervous agitation.

17. Improvement in Audio-visual sensitivities, unnatural fears esp. dark.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

DrNavalKumar - Herbal Park opens in Gurugram to give farmers tips on medicinal plants

A garden of herbal medicinal plants, spread over 5 acres, has been set up at Amity University. The garden to be maintained by the university authorities is open to the public now. Dr. W Selvamurthy, president of the Amity Science, Technology and Innovation Foundation, said. "The project was started for production of medicinal plants, seedlings, plantlets and its distribution to primary schools, colleges, institutions or universities."
The Centre for medicinal plants and traditional knowledge was established in Amity University in 2010 and the herbal garden has been developed over the years by the incorporation of at least 121 plant species, including Aloe Vera, Cymbopogon citratus (lemon grass). Rauvolfia serpentine (Indian snakeroot) and Bacopa monnieri (water hyssop) and Eclipta prostrate (false daisy). At present. The garden has more than 10.000 herbal and medicinal plants.
They will be encouraged to produce herbal plants and local medicines in their own farms to incentivize alternative treatments such as Ayurveda. Homeopathy and Siddha.
Lauding Amity for its work and talking about the collaboration. Shripad Yesso Naik. Union minister of state in the AYUSH ministry said. "It is our responsibility to promote this (alternative medicines) across the globe."
According to the officials of National Medicinal Plants Board, there are at least 6,000 flowering plants which have medicinal use in folk and alternative forms of medicine.

A study by the board revealed that at least 178 species are commercially used for alternative treatments in the country and each of these are required to be produced in excess of 100 tons per year.
The domestic trade of the AYUSH industry comes up to nearly Rs 80 billion and exports come up to nearly Rs 10 billion. However, farmers are not able to meet the requirements of the industry. "We will try to encourage local farmers who visit the herbal garden to cultivate these plants," said Dr. PB Sharma, vice-chancellor of Amity University, Haryana.

Students enrolled in the biotechnology programmers in the university conduct different research activities in the garden and add to the overall knowledge base. Shrayanee Das, a Ph.D. scholar, said, "The garden helps students to work in the area of herbal plants and local medicines procured from them." Bhawna Rao, a fourth-semester student, BSc Biotech, said, "With the inauguration of this garden, which also acts as a medicinal plant distribution Centre, students will learn a lot about herbs, its quality, and efficiency."

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Homeopathy Doctor in India | Homeopathy in Delhi | Homeopathy

Watch this video on wonderful system of Medicine Homeopathy... Our Honorable Union Minister AYUSH Sh. Shripad Naik and Advisor Naval Kumar Verma.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Dr Naval Kumar - Cervical Spondylosis, Factors, Systoms and Treatment

What's cervical spondylosis?
Cervical spondylosis is a standard, adrenal illness that affects the discs and joints on your cervical spine, which can be in your own neck. Additionally, it is referred to as cervical osteoarthritis or throat arthritis. It develops in the wear and tear of bones and cartilage. As soon as it's largely as a result of age, it may be brought on by other factors too. According to the Mayo Clinic, the problem is present in over 85 percent of individuals over age 60, even though some folks who have it never experience symptoms. For many, it can lead to chronic, severe stiffness and pain. But a lot of men and women who have it can run regular daily tasks. The cervical spine is the title given to the seven little ligaments that form the throat. They begin at the bottom of their skull. In cervical spondylosis, the borders of the vertebrae frequently develop bone spurs called osteophytes. As time passes, the disks get thinner, and also their capacity to absorb shock is missing, raising the danger of symptoms.
Risk Factor:
1.       Aging is the Significant Element for developing cervical in the majority of individuals older than age 50, the disks between the vertebrae become less spongy and supply less of a pillow. Bones and ligaments make thicker, encroaching on the distance of the spinal tract.
2.       Another factor may be a prior injury to the throat. People in certain jobs or who perform particular tasks like gymnasts or other athletes can place more strain on their necks.
3.       Spinal changes which lead to cervical spondylosis.
4.       Almost 65 percent of individuals over Age 65 years reside with cervical spondylosis, but maybe not all individuals with the illness experience pain. To alleviate pain and stiffness.
Therapy can help alleviate symptoms, and, in severe cases, surgical alternatives are also offered. Symptoms may include pain and weakness. In acute cases, the
When symptoms do occur, they generally consist of pain and stiffness in the throat. This pain may vary from moderate to severe. It's sometimes worsened by looking up or looking to get quite a while, or by actions where the throat is held at precisely the exact same place for a lengthy period of time--like reading or driving a novel. The pain generally improves with rest or bending.
1.       Other symptoms might include:
2.       Headaches
3.       Grinding or popping sound or feeling when you flip your neck
4.       Trouble walking, loss of equilibrium, or weakness at the palms or thighs
5.       Muscle spasms in the throat and shoulders.
Cervical spondylosis could be treated with easy neck Exercises, under the advice of a physician.
A couple easy neck exercises.
1.       Neck stretch
a.       Push your palms forwards in a manner that moves the throat.
b.      Softly stressed the throat muscles.
c.       Hold this for 5 minutes.
d.      Return your mind to its center position.
e.      Push back your head together with the chin held high, and wait for 5 seconds.
2.       Neck tilt
a.       Softly stressed the throat muscles.
b.      Hold this for 5 minutes.
c.       Return the head to a neutral place.
3.       Neck lean (side-to-side)
a.       Lean your head towards the shoulder, resulting in the ear.
b.      Softly stressed the throat muscles.
c.       Hold this for 5 minutes.
d.      Return your head to the heart and repeat on the other shoulder.

4.       Neck flip
a.       Turn your head to one side as much as it stays comfortable, Being certain to maintain your chin in a level elevation.
b.      Return the mind into a central place.
c.       Repeat on the other hand.
While these exercises may be powerful, they won’t heal cervical spondylosis. They can help moderate the effect of the illness and relieve anxiety or feelings of stiffness.
5.       Remedy
When, however treatments are available which could help decrease the symptoms which do happen. Muscle relaxants are helpful if the individual has throat spasms, where the throat muscles tighten abruptly. Nonetheless, it's occasionally prescribed for persistent pain which hasn't responded to other therapies. A steroid shot in the neck might assist with quite severe pain. Examples of steroid shots include a trigger-point An ESI has to be done under fluoroscopy, with the support of an x-ray.

Physical therapy may also help alleviate symptoms.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Dr Naval Kumar – Melasma Causes, Symptoms, Effects and Treatments

Melasma, also known as 'chloasma', is a frequent skin condition of adults where light to dark brownish or greyish pigmentation grows, mostly on the surface. The title stems from meals, the Greek term for black. Even though it can affect both genders and some other race, it occurs more frequently in girls and individuals with darker skin-types that reside in sunny climates. Melasma usually gets more evident in the summertime and enhances during winter. It's not an illness, it's not contagious and it isn't because of an allergy. Additionally, it isn't cancerous and won't transform into cancer. Melasma is a frequent skin issue. The problem is far more common in women than men, though guys can get it as well. This kind of facial eczema is occasionally referred to as chloasma, but since this implies green skin, the expression melasma (brown skin) is favored.
Who gets melasma?
Melasma is more common in older women than in men; only 1-in-4 to 1-in-20 affected individuals are male, based on the population surveyed. It normally starts between age 20 and 40 decades, but it can begin in childhood or not before middle age. Melasma is more prevalent in people that tan well or have naturally brown skin (Fitzpatrick skin types 3 and 4) in comparison with those who have fair skin (skin types 1 and 2) or black skin (skin types 6 or 5).
The reason for melasma is complicated. The pigmentation is due to there is a genetic predisposition to melasma, with at least one-third of individuals reporting other household members to be changed. In the majority of people, melasma is a chronic disorder.
Known causes of melasma include:
1.        Pregnancy--in affected women, the pigment frequently fades a few months after delivery
2.       Estrogen and/or fertility, hormone replacement, intrauterine devices, and enhancements are a factor in about a quarter of affected women
3.       Certain medications (including new targeted treatments For cancer), scented or deodorant soaps, toiletries, and makeup--these may lead to a phototoxic reaction which triggers melasma, which might then persist long-term
Hypothyroidism (low levels of circulating thyroid gland)
Melasma commonly arises in healthful, non-pregnant adults. Lifelong sunlight exposure causes deposition of pigment within the dermis and this frequently persists long-term. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVR) deepens the pigmentation since it activates the melanocytes to produce more melanin.
Research is Trying to pinpoint the roles of stem cell, Neurological, vascular and localized hormonal factors in boosting melanocyte activation.
Symptoms of melasma
Melasma causes patches of discoloration. The patches are Darker than your usual skin color. It typically happens on the face and can be symmetrical, with fitting marks on either side of the face area. Other areas of the body which are frequently exposed to sunlight can also create melasma.
Brownish colored stains usually appear on the:
1.       Cheeks
2.       Forehead
3.       Bridge of the nose
4.       Chin
The skin Discoloration doesn't do any physical injury, but you may feel self-conscious concerning the way it seems.
If you notice these symptoms of melasma, visit your health care professional. They may refer you to a dermatologist, a doctor who specializes in treating skin disorders.
Homeopathic Remedy for Melasma
Aura Homeopathic medication for melasma is among the very Safe and significant way of treating this disorder. Homeopathic medications assist in treating facial pigmentation by light the patches in a pure manner. Homeopathy treatment regarded as an entire treatment of a person. The plus point of homeopathic therapy is that its drug has assigned only after a full individualizing examination of someone. There's no medication, which can cure these stains visibility immediately but yes, slowly and steadily marks of patches will get faded with time. Homeopathic medication for melasma is
· Sepia Officinalis
· Thuja Occidentalis
· Argenticum nitricum
· Berberis Aquifolium
· Cadmium Sulphuratum
· Copaiva
· Sulphur
· Plumbum metallicum
· Curare

Diagnosis is easy in certain cases as skin speaks a lot or by Skin evaluation. Otherwise, clinical history is also beneficial in discovering any skin disorder trigger. Lycopodium Clavatum is effective for greyish yellowish discoloration of the face. Argenticum nitricum is for tense, hard and irregular blotches skin. Thuja Occidentalis is for dry skin with brown stains. Guarana is for uncontrollable sleepiness. Caulophyllum Thalictroides is another homeopathic medication for women menstrual and uterine disorders with skin discoloration. In severe cases, laser therapy is also an option for removing melasma.
Preventions for Melasma disease:-
· Avoid using sunscreen and exposure to sunlight as far as possible is a key to reduce melasma.
· Cease employing hard additives, additives, abrasive cleansers. Increase using mild shampoos and soaps.

· Eat Vegetables, broccoli, whole grains, asparagus, potatoes, wheat germ accompanied by.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Frozen Shoulder Treatment | Frozen shoulder treatment in India

Frozen shoulder is stiffness, pain, and a loss of motion in the shoulder joint. Frozen shoulder is additionally referred to as-as Adhesive Capsulitis. It’s going to happen when an associate in Nursing injury or overuse or from an illness like polygenic disease or a stroke. The tissues around the joint stiffen, connective tissue forms, and shoulder movements become troublesome and painful. Shoulder pain begins slowly till you cannot move your shoulder in the least. The condition sometimes comes on slowly, then goes away slowly over the course of a year or 2 or a lot of. But are often alleviated a lot of early (within three to six months) with medical aid treatment. Frozen shoulder happens in concerning two of the overall population. It most typically affects folks between the ages of forty and sixty and happens in girls a lot of usually than men. Movement of the shoulder is severely restricted. Pain is typically constant, worse in the hours of darkness once the weather is colder. This condition will last from 5 months to a few years or a lot of and is believed in some cases to be caused by injury or trauma to the realm. It’s believed that it's going to have associate degree reaction element, with the body assaultive healthy tissue within the shoulder.
Age and sex
People forty and older area unit a lot of seemingly to expertise frozen shoulder. Most of the folks that develop the condition area unit, girls.
Causes of Frozen Shoulder:-
Frozen shoulder usually develops slowly, and in 3 stages. Every stage will last variety of months.
Freezing stage. Any movement of your shoulder causes pain, and your shoulder's vary of motion starts to become restricted.
Frozen stage. Pain might begin to diminish throughout this stage. However, your shoulder becomes stiffer, and mistreatment it becomes tougher.
Thawing stage. The vary of motion in your shoulder begins to boost. For a few folks, the pain worsens at the hours of darkness, generally disrupting sleep.
Symptoms of frozen shoulder
In frozen shoulder, the shoulder capsule thickens and becomes tight. Stiff bands of tissue (adhesions) develop. In several cases, there's less synovia within the joint.
The hallmark sign of this condition is being unable to maneuver your shoulder - either on your own or with the assistance of somebody else. Pain from frozen shoulder is typically uninteresting or aching. It’s usually worse early in the course of the illness and once you move your arm. The pain {is usually is typically is generally} placed over the outer shoulder space and sometimes the higher arm.
    • Onset: insidious.
    • Pain in shoulder, upper arm.
    • Severe aching pain.
    • Restricted shoulder movement.
    • The issue in routine activities, e.g. haircare hairs, carrying shirts.
Homeopathic Remedies:-
Homeopathic remedies area unit terribly effective for frozen shoulder and it provides a permanent cure. A number of the vital remedies area unit given below.
Ferrum Metallicum 30-- Ferrum auriferous is one in all the highest Homoeopathic medicines for frozen shoulder. There are a unit pain and stiffness in the shoulders besides swelling area unit predominant.  The patient complains that he's unable to boost his arms as he feels he has no power left for any movement. He may even have violent pain within the shoulder and muscles on either side of the shoulder may exhibit violent pain that travels on the arm. The patient feels boring or pinching pain.

Rhus dicot genus 30-Rhus tox is a superb remedy for the frozen shoulder with pain and stiffness in between shoulders. The patient feels that the pain is alleviated by moving or maybe once he lies on a tough platform however it gets worse once he sits. There’s stiffness within the base of the neck with pain that feels as if the skin is being torn. The forearm and arm of the patient even have pain and that they feel weak and paralytic. There’s nice stiffness that comes when resting and in the morning. 
Ruta Graveoles 30-Ruta grave lens is effective within the frozen shoulder attributable to sinew strain and sprains. The patient complains of pain in the neck that's alleviated by lying on the rear because it applies pressure. The patient feels that the pain is therefore violent as if his shoulder is obtaining torn. Or that the shoulder feels injured as if he has had associate degree injury. Once you stumble upon such symptoms, Ruta is often relied on to cure them. Ruta conjointly cures frozen shoulder when injury or when bruises. In some cases, folks complain of the frozen shoulder when associating degree injury or when bruises.
 Causticum – Causticum is prescribed once the pain, particularly within the left shoulder, happens with the symptom. Shrunk tendons with tearing within the shoulder joints and weakness. Higher by heat, particularly of bed.
Calcarea Phos 30-Calcarea phos is prescribed for the frozen shoulder once there a unit pains in shoulder and arm, with swelling of the affected half. There’s associate degree lesion pain particularly in roots of fingernails of the correct hand and within the finger.
Magnesium Carbonicum 30-Magnesium carb is another effective remedy for the frozen shoulder with tearing pain in shoulders as if injured. Right shoulder is a lot of affected, cannot raise it.

Syphillinnum 10M-Syphillinum is used as Associate in nursing undercurrent remedy.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Dr. Naval Kumar - India’s Best Homeopathic Treatment of Chikungunya Diseases

 Chikungunya is one of the viral diseases for which no specific cure or vaccine is available .it is not new to India. An epidemic was first reported in 1963 -1965 in Kolkata. Kolkata and Kerala were the worst affected states in 2008. No specific treatment or vaccine available at present for chikungunya, so only method is prevention. Chikungunya is a form of viral fever caused by an alphavirus that is caused by the aedesaegypti bite. Its name is derived from the “Makonde” means that which bend up due to stooped posture developed as a result of arthritic symtoms4.Chikungunya is a form of viral fever caused by alphavirus. It is spread up by the bite of an aedesaegypti mosquito. The incubation period of chikungunya is 2 – 3 days with a range of 1 to 12 days. It is an acute illness having symptoms fever, joint pain, headache, backache, arthralgia, and rash.

 Homeopathy medicine in epidemics:
According to sphered, homeopathy medicines gives the best result 5. There is a significant effect of Homeopathy in the control and management of the infectious epidemic disease. Dr. Hahnemann during a 1799 scarlet fever Outbreak in Germany observed that three children in the family contracted the disease, but the fourth one remains unaffected.The Fourth children had been treated with homeopathic medicine Belladonna due to a joint problem. Dr. Hahnemann himself prevented many epidemics with homeopathy.
Clinical Signs & Symptoms14
The majority of people infected with chikungunya virus turn out to be symptomatic. The incubation period is typically 3–7 days (range, 1–12 days). This means the disease manifests 1 to 12 days after the mosquito bite.
The symptoms of chikungunya include the following.
1.            Sudden onset of fever (> 40 C / 104 F)
2.            Pain in Head, acute headache with nausea.
3.            Severe pain in joints (or arthralgia), Muscular pain
4.            Swelling of Joints, limbs, face anywhere on the body
5.            Rash anywhere on the body
6.            Stiffness in joints (wrists, ankles, inter-phalangeal joints)
7.            Loss of taste
8.            Mouth ulcers
9.            Sometimes there may be infection of the conjunctiva of the eye and some photophobia
10.          Nausea and vomiting
11.          Bleeding or hemorrhage (may occur rarely).

Recovery from chikungunya virus infection without any medication found in most of the patients. Improvement occurs within a few days but sometimes pain continues for a longer duration. Over 12% of patients tend to develop chronic joint pains because this virus multiplies in muscles.
Detection of the virus. Viral nucleic acid and virus-specific immunoglobin in patient’s blood or plasma is confirmed laboratory diagnosis of chikungunya virus.
Rapid Chikungunya Viral culture may sense virus in the first 3 days of illness.
RT-PCR and ELISA is the research laboratory test for chikungunya.
RT-PCR is useful for detection of viral RNA from the blood draw from the patients of infection during acute phase .level of viremia is high during chikungunya infection which lasts for four to six days after onset of illness.
To confirm the diagnosis of chikungunya virus infections, RT-PCR is usually been done within first seven days of illness.
ELISA is useful for detection of both anti –CHIK Virus IgM & IgG antibodies from acute or convalescent samples.It requires a large amount of blood than other tests. The result of ELISA also requires two to three days.

After carefully studying symptoms of various patients and bearing in mind the Humidity of various states of India like Delhi NCR, Bombay, UP, few south Indian and north Indian states where relative humidity is more than 60 % and its considered as best for breeding of mosquitoes and the treatment modalities which corresponds to the humid weathers like Dulcamara, Aranea - Diadema, RhusTox, Bryonia-Alba, Arsenic-album, Natrum-sulph, Eupatorium perf, Rhododendron, Gelsemium etc.