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Thursday, 4 October 2018

10 Early Sign For Enlarged Prostate That Every Guy Needs To Know !gnorance Is Not A Bliss

Enlarged Prostate Symptoms And Its Treatment Through Homeopathy

An enlarged prostate is the most common problem occurs in men if his age is above 50 is also known as Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy. it starts by pressing on the urethra and slowly obstruct it by increasing urination and other urinary problem. (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy)BPH can be present with any of the following described symptoms below.

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1. Difficulty in starting and ending of urination process. There is also difficulty in urination while in standing position.

2. Decreased flow of urine and change in its color.

3. A burning in the urethra while urinating.

4. pain or numbness occurs in the joints like thighs, hips, legs or in other lower body part.

5. Painful ejaculation.

6. Impotence-Erectile Dysfunction.

7. Blood in urine.

8. Blood in semen.

9. Swelling or Discomfort in legs or pelvic area.

10. Pain in the bone which can lead to fractures.

Out of 5 Men, 1 is Affected By Enlarged Prostate 

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A survey shows that out of every 5 men one is affected by Enlarged Prostate which leads to many deaths as due to lack of awareness men's are dying. so for making your old age a happy experience contact your physician for a checkup so that if there is any problem then it can be cured.

BPH or Enlarged Prostate is generally treated by Surgical methods and 95 % people believe that there is no other cure for this Problem.
Whereas Homeopathy is a field which can cure the problem of the enlarged prostate gland. Homeopathic medicines are completely Natural and organic which aims to completely remove the underlying cause of the enlarged prostate instead of just curing the Symptoms.