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Best Homeopathic Doctor

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Best Homeopathic Doctor in Delhi | Best Homeopathic Doctor in India

Homeopathy therapy is a pure form of medicine based on the principle of symptom degradation. Homeopathic therapy, when obtained from an expert homeopathy physician, is generally safe and without any side effects at all. The homeopathic literature claims that if a remedy that covers your symptoms really well, is administered, it's in a position to influence a cure quickly and lightly, even of a long position and inveterate instances. Before you begin homeopathy treatment for any health condition, ensure you consult your general doctor or a professional homeopath in person. Watch the entire alphabetical list of disease conditions.
Discuss various allergic, Lifestyle and stress-related diseases of school going children.
• Discuss various aspects of the physical and Psychological health of children.
• Define common problems in children-Obesity, allergies, & stress.
• Explain its clinical manifestations and symptomatology.
• Explain Etiological factors and preventive measures by Homeopathic treatment and lifestyle management.
• Recommend a unique10 step wellness program to prevent allergy and stress-related problems in children.
Healthy Child Healthy Nation
1.            The Children diseases overview
2.            Children Problems categories
 i.             Lifestyle problems-Obesity
ii.             Allergies
iii.            Psychological/stress-related problems.
3.            Alarming signs, tests, diagnostic tools.
4.            An overview-role of exercise, environment, and nutrition.
5.            A 10 step unique guidelines to prevent and cure Children diseases.
6.            Homeopathy role and cases.
7.            Follow up care-Long term prevention by Homeopathy and improving lifestyle.
Children Diseases
• Most of the common diseases of children are related to lack of activities, increased use of fast food, more use of gadgets and television etc and it causes lifestyle problems.
• Common lifestyle problem is Obesity and related disorders.
• Allergies-are most common amongst growing children due to pollution inherited and food adulterations and causes adenoids problems, asthma, atopic dermatitis etc.
 • Psychological/stress related problems-these are very common in various age groups like teenagers, substance abuse in schools is increasing due to lack of handling them at right age.
Role of Homeopathy
• The homeopathic understanding of health is intimately connected to its understanding of the mind in general.
 • Homeopaths don't separate the mind and body in the usual way; they generally assume that body and mind are dynamically interconnected and that both directly influence each other.
• This acknowledgment of the interbond of body and mind is not simply a vague, impractical concept. Homeopaths base virtually every homeopathic prescription on the physical and psychological symptoms of the sick person.
• Psychological symptoms often play a primary role in the selection of the correct medicine
Homeopathic case taking an overview
• General Case taking-Homeopathic Performa.
• Special points to consider for screening and treating the Prostate patient.
• Concomitant symptoms and lifestyle changes to be taken in causative factors.
• Follow up care and advice

Homeopathic Preventive Care
2.            Medicines for the bad effect of tobacco and alcohol.
3.            Medicines for lifestyle problems and Holistic health.
4.            Medicines and cure for BPH-Benign prostatic hypertrophy.
5.            Homeopathic management of prostatitis.
6.            Homeopathic remedies for Cancer prostate.
7.            Homeopathic management for Post Cancer care (Urinary incontinence and impotency)
Homeopathic Quit Tobacco Program
• Leads to aggressive prostate cancer.
• Smoking might directly affect the aggressiveness of cancer. Carcinogens in tobacco smoke may speed tumor growth, for instance, as might the higher levels of testosterone associated with smoking.

• Men who'd smoked a pack a day for 40 years -- or, equivalently, two packs a day for 20 years -- were 82% more likely to succumb to prostate cancer than men who had never smoked.

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