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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Dr Naval Kumar - School Health and Homeopathy

Conflict of Interest Disclosure
Neither I nor my immediate family members have any Financial Interests or Significant Relationships that might affect – or reasonably appear to affect – this presentation on “Role of Homeopathy in Healthcare of School going children”
 Discuss various allergic, Lifestyle and stress related diseases of school going children.
Discuss various aspects of physical and Psychological health of children
 Define common problems in children-Obesity, allergies, & stress
 Explain its clinical manifestations and symptomatology.
 Explain Aetiological factors and preventive measures by Homeopathic treatment and lifestyle management.
 Recommend a unique10 step wellness program to prevent allergy and stress related problems in children
Children Diseases
1.        Most of common diseases of children are related to lack of activities, lack of right nutrition & fast food , electronic gadgets ,video games, television etc., allergies and stress problems.
2.       Common lifestyle problem seen in children is Obesity and its related disorders.
3.       Allergic problems-are most common amongst growing children due to pollution, food adulterations, food allergies etc. –the most common problems seen are, recurrent cold and cough, adenoids problems, asthma, atopic dermatitis etc.
4.      Psychological/stress related problems-these are very common in various age groups and it effects the performance in academics and changes in normal behavior like in teenagers, substance abuse etc.

Introduction of allergic diseases
Epidemiological studies indicate a world-wide and significant rise in atopic diseases over the past 10 years.
1.        It has adopted alarming magnitude within the industrialized world.
2.       allergic asthma and polyposis, in particular, are on the rise in Third world countries, in parallel to the industrialization and westernization of their life-style.
3.       Since both antigen exposure and the presence of additional realization factors are required for the manifestation of atopic diseases, this increase in prevalence is not surprising.
Some Signs and Symptoms of Asthma:
Wheezing, Coughing, Difficulty Breathing and/or shortness of breath A Serious Asthma Episode may include:
1.       Breathlessness that may cause the student to speak in one-to two word sentences or be unable to speak.
2.       The student may stop an activity and be unable to start again.
3.       The student’s neck muscles may tighten with each breath.
4.      Lips and nail beds may have a grayish or bluish color.
5.       Many students need to use their inhalers 15 – 30 minutes before physical education class to prevent asthma difficulties during periods of exercise. Do not deny a student’s request to come to the Health Office to use their inhaler.

Important Symptoms
1.        [Knerr] [Lower Limbs] Thighs: Burning: Flexor surface, on, later thick rashes from nettles.
2.       [Gentry] [The Face] Disappearance: Face ache and asthma, as after disappearance of tatters from face.
3.       [Special] [Asthma]Difficult: Eruptions, suppressed.
4.      [Special] [Asthma]Difficult: Change of weather.
5.       [Lippe] [Cough]Asthmatic cough.
6.      [Gentry] [Stomach]Milk: And warm food disagree.
7.       [Gentry] [Stomach]Food: Milk and warm food disagree.
8.      [Gentry] [Stomach]Aversion: To bread.
9.      [Phatak] [Phatak A-Z]Food & drinks (Agg. & Amel.): Buck wheat Agg.
10.    [Knerr] [Sleep]During sleep: Snoring (stertorous sleep).
11.     [Knerr] [Respiration]Asthma: Mental condition: Emotions, after.
12.    [Special ] [Asthma]Difficult: Cold, after taking: Remedies for Child Allergies.
Few Remedies found clinically beneficial for allergies of various types during clinical work in NHC.
1. Arsenic Album
2. Belladonna
 3. Ipecac
 4. Hepar Sulph
5. Kali Carb
 6. Pulsatilla
7. Nux Vomica
 8. Rhus Tox
9. Psorinum
Summarize Life style problems are very common problems and Homeopathy has an important role in prevention and treatment of these Need to know how to screen school children, when to begin, and how often to follow up with help of parents, school authorities and Government Need to start preventive measures at initial symptoms of Obesity, allergies and stress related disorders like learning and behavioral problems Need to educate masses about role and efficacy of homeopathy as a holistic care, preventive medicine Need to make awareness about safety ,efficacy, and availability of Homeopathy on various children diseases. For more detail contact us at + 91-9999367159 or visit

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