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Friday, 24 November 2017


A lot is usually said about the funny little questions that homoeopaths often ask. Speaking from a patient's point of view, frankly a lot many questions do sound too strange. But the truth is that asking too many questions shows a lot of MEDICAL WISDOM. It certainly helps in deciding the line of treatment.
Let us for a while consider a hypothetical situation where you have a chronic skin & a nasal allergy & you visit a homoeopath for its treatment & a physician starts asking about your nightmares or your response to anger etc..
Recent researchers suggest that the human body stands as a single entity with the mind & body as an individual continuum & the old concept of mind-body dualism seems more obsolete than ever. A whole new range of diseases called psychosomatic disease that has been identified in the last few decades.
Homoeopathy has always looked at this broad parameter to treat the sick, & even though it has an unconventional outlook it surely is a science that tries to understand you at the deepest level.
Understanding the holistic concepts of health can help you in overcoming many chronic disorders like allergies.
WORK TOGETHERHomeopaths always require a close cooperation from their patients. The more information you give to your physician about the chances of your disorder is cured.ALLINTHEFAMILY
Medical history of your family’s equally important & in some chronic disorder sit can form the basis for prescription in homoeopathy. Also, today if you are what your grandparents are & how they exercised, your generation stood pend upon how you lead your life. So improve your
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